YCS Community Shout Outs

Shout OutsThe YCS community is filled with friends and family who tirelessly donate their time and energy to help enrich our community.  Below, please find some words recognizing those that help us be who we are.

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January 10, 2016

Many thanks to our Holiday Bazaar team: a fun event that raised money for YCS, helped us clean out our closets, score great deals and donate lots of goods to local charities – all while our kids had a ball making gingerbread houses! Thank you to Amanda Wells, Paula Grady, Victoria Brannigan, Malee Shebag, Jessica Couch, Cindy Alder, Nancy Mark, David Wright, Nesli Ciner.

December 17, 2016

Thank you to everyone who donated and helped out at the YCS Holiday Bazaar:  Ruth Berghammer, Neslie Ciner, Nancy Mark, Cameron Bar Lev, Jessica Couch, Paula Grady, Malee Sebag, Cindy Alder, David Wright, Amanda Wells and Victoria Brannigan.

November 14, 2016

Bake sale chairs Alex and Caroline Oberweger would like to thank everyone who helped out with the Election Day bake sale. Long lines to vote (and a few broken scanners) meant people very much needed the sweet treats and coffee we were providing, and the event raised $2600 for YCS. Many thanks to Sarina Appel, Rebecca Ashley, Ruth Berghammer, Abby Bessinger, Lauren Blair, Nesli Ciner, Alison Dow, Ileana Futter, Paula Grady, Kate Hrobsky, Tal Landa, Michelle Levitt, Arielle Luijpers, Nancy Martin, Sarah McCash, Nina Miller, Shana Miner Ladin, Sheree Murphy, Sara Orton, Adeleh Petochi – Nassri, Gisela Schiffer, Janice Szabo, Himena Yamane, Linda Greenblatt, Allison Gutstein, Stephanie Rhodes and all our YCS and Middle school helpers!

October 31, 2016

Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers and underwriters who made this year’s Fall Festival such a great success.  Special thanks to event Event Chair, Victoria Brannigan, Craft & Games Chairs: Allison Gutstein and Kaena Clark, Food & Supplies organizer: Paula Grady, Costume Parade Chair & Graphic Design: Laurent Blair, Bake Sale Chair: Carla Valencia, Grillman: Derek Pierce Contracts, Budget team: Alison Dow & Nancy Martin, Community Outreach: Shana Miner-Ladin, Sarina Appel and Stephanie Rhodes and Oversight team of Adeleh Nassri and Gisela Schiffer.

Please click here for a compete list of volunteers and underwriters

October 17, 2016

Thanks to everyone who joined us on Sat for the Mad Science “Spin, Pop, Boom” show. It was great to see so many YCS families at our first Family Fun event of the year! And a special thanks to the parents who volunteered at the event: Gisela Schiffer, Bree Bullingham, Julia Vancheva, Victoria Brannigan, Michelle Levitt, Ruth Berghammer and Alison Dow.

September 16, 2016

A huge thanks to Danielle Storm, Victoria Brannigan and David Paula Grady and Ian Dow for helping to raise $391 on Popcorn Friday last week. It was a great success. We couldn’t have done it without you!

April 20

Many thanks to everyone who helped with the Election Day Bake Sale! Volunteers include: Ellen Kombiyil, Ana Guha, Linda Greenblatt, Umran Ozman, Caroline Oberweger, Randi Dubno Gardner, Lauren Blair, Ruth Berghammer, Cherryle Brown, Nesli Ciner, Christie Falciani  Special thanks goes to all our young bakers from YCS for taking baking to a higher level and making it so much fun.

March 15

Thank you to our incredible YCS Book Fair co-chairs Mary Giles and Michelle Levitt for executing an amazing Book Fair. Thanks also to the many volunteers, without whom iyt would not be possible.  Volunteers include, Ana Guha, Ruth Berghammer, Julia Vancheva, Eleni Metaxa, Sue Chiu, Maureen Hicks, Ian Dow, Lauren Blair, Vicki Sheehy, Sumit Guha, Jennifer Steinfink, Alison Dow, Camaron Barlev, Linda Greenblatt, Randi Dubno Gardner, Heather Bloom, Nina Miller, Jennifer Prieur, Brian Rafferty, Danielle Storm, Nesli Ciner, Nancy Martin, Victoria Brannigan, John Bullingham, and the makers of our beautiful book fair banner: kids from the Guha family, Chiu family, Ettinger family, Hicks family, and Giles family

January 26

Thank you to event co-chairs Lili Lampasona and Michelle Levitt and the entire team of volunteers for supporting YCS Game Night.  Volunteers include, Phil Berroll, Miles Ramboyong, John Bullingham, Mary Giles, Becca Cohen, Bonnie Biondi, Julia Vancheva, Sarina Appel, Nicola Jordania, Jennifer Steinfink, Adeleh Nassri, Alison Dow, Nancy Martin, Christie Falciani, Ruth Berghammer, and Nesli Ciner.

December 13
Many thanks to the team that made the Barnes and Noble day a great success, including Lauren Blair, Carla Valencia, Linda Greenblatt, Tanja Djuricic, Randy Dubno, Alison Dow, Sheila Gonzales, Jen O’Connell, Jenna Ward, Nancy Mark, Serena Kappes, Kaena Clarke, Alison Gutstein, Nesli Ciner, Ruth Berghammer, and Nancy Martin. We also want to thank the teachers who read, including Ms. Samantha, Mr. Martin, Ms. Camaron (and her husband, Josh), Ms. Michelle, Ms. Dana, Ms. Mariel, Miss Nickie, and Ms. Erin.

November 23, 2015

Thank you to all of the volunteers that made our movie night a big success.  Volunteers included Lauren Blair, Kaena Clark, Lili Lampasona, Michelle Levitt, Vicki Sheehy, Cameron Bar-Lev, Adeleh Nassri, Jennifer Steinfink, Serena Kappes, Alison Dow, Christie Falciani, Miles Ramboyong, Mary Giles, Nancy Martin, Eleni Metaxa and a number of YCS alumni!

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October 26, 2015

Thank you to all of the teachers, administrators, parents, staff, families and local businesses that made our seventh annual YCS Fall Festival a smashing success.  Please see the Fall Festival Volunteer Acknowledgement Page to read a list of the many volunteers who were a part of this great event.

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October 5, 2015

Many thanks to all of the volunteers who made the cupcake social a great success, including: Cupcake volunteers: Lauren Blair, Cameron Bar-lev, Debbie Pierce, Kathy Kasprak, Amanda Wells, Higue Marines, Claire Merkur, Adeleh Petochi-Nassri, Carla Valencia, Vicki Sheehy, Glenn Hardy, and Gisella.

Thanks also to Eleni Metaxa and Rosemary Wagner for their help in the PTA office.

September 11, 2015

To our fantastic popcorn crew:

Cindy Alder, Jessica Riffaterre, Ian Dow, Yasmin Ortiz, Jennifer Steinfink, Pindaro Martinez, Jodi Gorentstein and Lizzie Martin Thank you to everyone for your help packing and selling popcorn today. And a special shout-out to Cindy and Ian who picked up the big bags of popcorn from the theater yesterday. We made $446 in sales today. Great job! We couldn’t have done it without your help. Please put October 2nd on your calendar for our next sale! It was wonderful working with all of you today.


September 8th, 2015

Thank you and shout outs to:

  • Lauren Blair for creating a spectacular YCS calendar
  • Michelle Levitt and Julia Vancheva for organizing the Kindergarten picnic
  • And for wrapping up the end of the school year with a bang: Katrina Dela Torre (book swap), Kaena and Allison (sidewalk chalk), Vicki (Big Daddy event) and Suzanne and the library crew for inventory and cleanup.
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