Class Parents

Class Parents facilitate bi-directional communication between the teachers and the families of their students, including sharing updates on class activities and helping to organize volunteers for events and field trips. This is an important role in the YCS Community and we are looking for great people eager to get involved with their children’s classrooms.

Questions about the Class Parent role can be direct to our Co-VP Parent Relations: Amanda Wells and Nancy Mark

Below, please find the 2017-2018 Class Parents

Parent Class Email
Alexis Scott 1-308,k-205
Sary Grista 1-310/k-210
Ana Tapuerca 5-510
Nicholas Tamarin k-204
Rhea Gilmore Tamarin k-204
Violet Guo k-204
Yonas Mulat k-204
Lara Gheno k-204
Laurie Kasloff Lion k-204
Jingli Cheng k-204
Amir Waheed k-204
Chris Russo k-205
Etchri Kudadje k-205
Fara Surrey k-205
Hiroko Maeda k-205
Ariel Imas k-205
Janneke Muller k-205
Vincent Varden Berg k-205
Alicia Zimbalist k-210
Wendy Finkel k-210
Jasmine Zangi k-210
jennifer Chakrannty pk
Rachel Kosberg pk-201
Sarah Choi-Kim pk-201
Beth Deegal James pk-202
Mallika Gupta pk-202
Brad and Rachel Husser pk-202