A DAy in the life of a YCS Child

"Children grow into the intellectual life around them." -Vygotsky
At YCS, students in all grades engage in multiple thematic units of study throughout the year. Our Common Core State Standard theme units of study are presented using an integrated, cross- curricular approach that emphasizes the reading of nonfiction text and the stages of researching to explore, learn and teach.

What is a Thematic Unit of Study?

A Thematic unit is the organization of a curriculum around a central theme. Thematic instruction integrates basic disciplines like reading, math, and writing with the exploration of a hig interest comprehensive subject, such pets, restaurants, sea creatures, government, etc.

Why Thematic Units of Study

  • They reflect student interests
  • They helps students make and understand connections
  • They expand assessment strategies
  • They keep students engaged
  • They supports rigor
  • They draw on connections from the real world and life experiences
  • They provide hands-on and authentic learning experiences
  • They develop EQ- Emotional Intelligence
  • Teacher work as facilitators
  • They accessibility though multiple entry points

Thematic Units of Study Across Grades
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