Our Teachers

Teacher Communication

It is our goal that teachers use their instructional and daily planning time to work with students and design lesson plans. We do not want our teachers consumed with emails and discourage this form of communication during school hours and/or after hours. If you have a question regarding school work, homework, your child’s development, etc., please write a note to your child’s teacher and put it in their Home/School Folder. In a case of an emergency, please call the main office and leave a message for the teacher and they will contact you.

*Every Tuesday, from 8:00-8:40am, teachers will be available to meet, (scheduled meeting required), as well as additional times, as per agreement with the teacher.

Olivia McAndrew Pre-K - 201
Clara Campoli Pre-K - 202
Alix Gebhardt Pre-K - 205
Mariel Posner Pre-K - 206
Kindergarten Teachers  
Dana Perlstein K-203
Rachel Wolfson K-204
Sarah Layden & Erin Chong K-210
Christina Collaboletta & Nuria Figueroa K-310
First Grade Teachers  
Andrea Petrera 1-307
Rachel Heimler & Leigh Brown 1-308

Alexa Kinney


Second Grade Teachers  
Molly Chapar & Laura Cogan 2-406
Taryn Friedman 2-409
Third Grade Teachers  
Sindy Weisinger 3-403
Melissa Seltzer 3-410
Ryanne Deitch & Melanie Flaxer 3-506
Fourth Grade Teachers  
Katie Bellissimo 4-503
Jennifer Dionisio 4-504
Camaron BarLev & Carly Lehman 4-507
Fifth Grade Teachers  
Nickie Colman & Jessica Speisman 5-509
Aaron Schulman 5-510
Specialist Teachers  
ESL - Amy Zelik-Dyker  
Science – Mariel Sirota 206
Visual Art – Jessica Suarez 401
Phys. Ed – Jonathan Ascher 300B
Music – Annabelle Merola 305
Dance – Jason Sosnowski 306