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What is the YCS Annual Fund?

The YCS Annual Fund is a PTA annual fundraiser with a goal of $125,000 for the 2015-16 academic year. All monies raised through the YCS Annual Fund are fully tax-deductible and are used to provide resources for YCS above and beyond what is available to our school from the Department of Education. These resources enhance the YCS experience and contribute directly to our school’s reputation as a “Well Developed” Showcase School and one of the best elementary schools in New York City. 

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Where are funds raised through the YCS Annual Fund directed?

Funds raised through the YCS Annual Fund directly underwrite all enrichment programs taking place entirely during the school day (not to be confused with afterschool activities) for the benefit of every YCS student. Enrichment program partners in 2015-16 include Chess NYC the 92nd Y, Salvadori, SPARK Business Academy, Asphalt Green, and the NY Historical Society. YCS Annual Fund donations also covers expenses associated with the YCS Library, cafeteria attendants, technical equipment including computers, and more. NONE OF THESE EXPENSES ARE PAID FOR BY THE DOE.

Who can contribute to the YCS Annual Fund?

Donations to the YCS Annual Fund are not restricted to YCS parents. Anyone with an interest in YCS and its parents, including grandparents and other relatives; friends; and businesses in the community and beyond, may offer a gift to the YCS Annual Fund.

How can I make a donation to the YCS Annual Fund?

Donations are accepted by cash; by check made out to “YCS PTA” (which can be mailed, placed in your child’s home folder, or dropped off at the PTA office); or by credit card via our donation form or online via the Donate Now button at Many parents offer their donation in small installments; our online donation button provides that option as well.

What if I can’t afford to give the suggested amount of $1,250 per child?

While the suggested donation amount is $1,250 per student, NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL. Donations of any size are encouraged and deeply appreciated, and remember that you can always pay in small installments.

Why is a high percentage of parent participation in the YCS Annual Fund important?

Each year, YCS receives a certain amount of money from the local elected officials. High parental involvement sends a strong message to these government officials that our community is deeply invested in the school, inspiring them contribute generously in turn. Please help us attain 100% parent participation this year!

Why can’t I just support YCS by spending money at school events?

Unfortunately, our special events cannot fully cover the costs associated with our enrichment programs and other expenses and still remain accessible to every family, so we must rely on the YCS Annual Fund to cover that gap.

How can I maximize the value of my gift?

Please ask your company if they will match your gift to double the impact of your donation!

Can I donate more than $1,250 per child?

Of course! As we strive to meet and exceed our goal this academic year, any and all assistance is welcomed and deeply appreciated.

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