Health and Safety

Student Health


An Action Plan will be developed for any student who suffers from severe allergies. All staff members will receive a copy of the Action Plan and will be trained on how to respond to an allergic reaction.

Blue Cards

The Blue Card provides our school with emergency contact information. Please be certain that cards are filled out completely and returned to school as soon as possible. In the event the school needs to contact you regarding your child, it is important to list all the telephone numbers where your designated caregiver(s) can be reached during the school day. Please provide at least two emergency numbers. Children are not released to anyone whose name is not on the Blue Card – no exceptions. If information changes at any time during the school year, it is important that you come into the Main Office and update the Blue Card.

Contagious Diseases and Lice

Any incidence of contagious disease or lice in any classroom must be reported immediately to the main office. The child’s family will be called immediately so that the child can be taken to the doctor and treated. The child will not be able to return to school without a letter from his/her doctor indicating that s/he is no longer contagious to others. Children with nits are not required to be sent home.


While regular attendance is promoted, please keep your child home from school if they have a fever higher than 99 degrees or a contagious cold. Children must be kept home for 24 hours following a fever.


A child who has an accident that results in an injury during school hours will be seen by the School Nurse. In the case of minor injuries or illness where the child returns to class, she or he will be given a note to take home to parents/guardians.


Students with chronic health problems who need to take medication on a regular basis must have a 504 Request Form completed by their doctor. This form needs to be on file in the main office in order that the child can receive the medication in school. No staff member can administer medication – prescription or over the counter -to a student who does not have a completed 504 Form. A letter from a parent/guardian must also be provided to the school to grant permission for administration to treat the child.

Office of School Health Policy- For the safety of students receiving medications at school:

  • The School Nurse does not administer any medications without a Doctors Order, the order has to be completed on a Medication form/MAF/504, and the parent has to sign and initial the back of the form in order to give the school nurse permission to administer medication.
  • A photo of the student MUST be attached to the upper left hand corner of the form.
  • Medications have to be given to the School Nurse by the Parent/guardian and sign a form “Receipt of Medication”

Fire Drills and Emergency Evacuations

Fire drill instructions are posted near doors throughout the school and children are instructed in routines throughout the year to prepare for unannounced drills.

Emergency Closing and Delayed Openings

The Chancellor of the NYC DOE makes decisions about school closures and delayed openings by 6am on a given day. Families can find updated information by checking the DOE website (, calling 311, or by listening to local news radio, local TV stations or cable channel NY1.

General Safety

For the security and protection of the students, faculty, and staff, the following safety measures are in place at YCS:

Only the main door entrance is unlocked. There is a safety agent posted at this entrance.

All visitors, including parents, may only exit through the main entrance.

All visitors, including parents, must show a photo ID and sign in and out of the security desk.

Parents are only permitted in the main office or PTA office during the day unless there is a class event

going on or if the parent has a scheduled appointment (with a teacher, administrator, guidance

counselor, etc.)

*Parents who are picking up their child early, (for any reason) must go to the Main Office first.

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