Executive Board

Updated September 13, 2016

Below, please find a list of 2016/17 PTA Executive Board members and their respective positions.


Co-Presidents: Ruth Berghammer and Nesli Ciner

Co-VP Fundraising: Adeleh Petochi-Nassri and Gisela Schiffer

Co-VP Parent Relations: Maureen Hicks and Julia Vancheva

Co-VP Communications:  Scott Bonnell andLili Lamposana

Co-VP Technology:Drew Gutstein and Miles Ramboyong

Co-Treasurers:  Alison Dow and Nancy Martin

VP Asst. Treasury Michelle Levitt

Co-Secretaries: Linda Greenblatt and Carla Valencia

VP Fundraising – Major Events: John Bullingham

Members at large: TBD

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